Normal Vs Natural

Normal Vs Natural

The Normal self and Natural self are almost two contradictory terms for describing what you deem to be your conscious reality. 

    It could be said that the ‘normalised’ part of your psyche is completely socially conditioned and represents the majority of your thoughts, words and actions.

    We can use  this understanding to see just how damaging normality has been for many, if not all of society. 

  •     The reason nobody really roots for you aka Jealousy
  •     The reasons for people looking down upon others
  •     The main cause of depression
  •     The main cause of anxiety


The difference between the two is highlighted in Kruyology as a problem within our existence and why this is so. We also highlight the cause of the effect called ‘Normality’ and why it renders people incompatible with Human Unity, Humanity.

Do you think it’s  acceptable to be classed as ‘not normal’?

Kruyology explains why this should be viewed differently…

This is all open to debate hence the Blog. (Narcissism is not debating and it will not be tolerated!)

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