Now there’s a thing! Just Like consciousness, science can only detail what it is by determining what it isn’t! Nobody will ever be able to say LOVE is not a thing, although, on the tricky path called Life, we seem to be getting further and further away from these all-important conduits of Life and living energies. A further question arises if we all rely upon repeating everything we are ‘told to think’, pushing us  away from consciousness and that old devil called Love?

    Are we losing all which makes us human? Is memory being abused/distorted as a cognitive function through early schooling exam processes?

    Love and Fear are the least used relative nouns in Psychology, and somehow the properties of Fear seem to have been concluded upside down!


    See the cause(s) of these effect(s) in Kruyology.

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    • […] Love always wants to open up the cause of the effect and find out what is causing the issues through understanding, whereas Fear wants to close it down and close it off. Love is open. Fear is closed (as it always appears in body language). Understanding this will always revert to identifying what the underlying Fears are, and exactly where they started.  Therefore creating closure every time Love is applied.  […]

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