Love and Fear can be acknowledged once again, thanks to Kruyology, putting the meaning back into life.

When you reflect on everyday behaviour, it seems crude and almost as if something has gone wrong entirely with society. Something that was so very lost and seemingly hidden in this world of right and wrong, good and bad. The very reason the world is in the state that it is, it now seems.

Denied, squandered, and ignored in every aspect of life. Nothing seemed to have any meaning or reason. And it was for the exact reason I started this journey.

Somebody once said to me that there were only two authentic emotions. So I went away and tried earnestly to break that statement rather than to just mindlessly deny it as is the usual routine in today’s troubled world. What better educational route could I have possibly taken? None!

My determination led me on a colossal journey of discovery, and it manifested me with so much proof that I ended up knowing something so powerful it seemed shocking, that which I present to you within these pages.

There is no matter as important as those that are in charge of each building block of our very personal world. This book was written so you may see what it means to you and what you can make of it in yours.

Upon testing the information and applying it to more and more scenarios, so many others jumped on board and wholesomely agreed. Nobody could deny what I had re-discovered. “I love observing, challenging and thinking. That’s my passion. After that, I will do so again and again in unfamiliar places with anonymous people. I try to trace objectives to their very roots, and that’s where you will always find WHY.” – Kruyer

For those of you who don’t want to wait for society to catch up, this book is a guide to take you far ahead in your journey.