The Generational effect.

The Generational effect.

Kruyology takes a look at the Generational effect on our lives and the impact previous generations have on us :

“It’s not a great way of learning, as every ingredient and condition will ultimately differ from past generations. Most of your judgements, assessments or decisions, for the most part, were not made by yourself but by somebody else, typically your education, religion, teachers and politicians and
more often than not, your parents. You cannot know them to be accurate, only trusted. These are the veins of a significant generational problem we must focus on here. The effects cannot be the same with different contents. Consequently, very few judgements you have incorporated into your
Truth is based on your own experience. Creating you from the experience of others in your belief systems,  with little fruition for anybody. Making one’s mind lazy, thoughtless and unquestioning.”

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Question: With all of the visual information available, could it be understood that the Generational effect is something that needs better consideration for humanity as a whole?

The other Generational effects of environmental toxins and medicines (under the same umbrella) can be reviewed here, with the complete study available for free:

Generational Effects of Chemicals

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