Feelings and Emotions explained by Drew Kruyer

The difference between Emotion and feelings seems like a  jungle of contradictions when you visit any reference points anywhere. If this is such an issue, is it any wonder global mental health is a spiralling black hole of doom for those who just need understanding? Surely the topic of Emotion and Feelings should be central to the field of Psychology? FEAR has been completely misinterpreted and used as a property of mental derailment. Kruyology determines Fear to be the mental derailment in any physically undamaged human. Fear then has properties listed as disorders such as anxiety, depression and hopelessness  to name but a few of the very long list of ‘FEAR’ disorders that the majority of the worlds population suffers from many times along their Journey called life. My own particular journey started when I finally realised that Love and Fear is where all of our energies were invested.  

       Nothing else made more sense! it was like Energy-in-Motion. It was indeed Emotion! 

    Immediately after recognising this,, everything in the world of mental health made complete sense and there was no longer any need to rationalise any of the complex theories presented by what is the relatively new science of Psychology. Not only did Love and Fear give a rational standpoint to Psychology, it gives also gives a very simple understanding of the answer. I’m no expert in anybody’s world, only the writer of each and every story ever is. it’s not hard to replace Fear with Love and the results are almost instantaneous and always wonderful!