The Generational effect.

Kruyology takes a look at the Generational effect on our lives and the impact previous generations have on us : “It’s not a great way of learning, as every ingredient and condition will ultimately differ from past generations. Most of your judgements, assessments or decisions, for the most part, were not made by yourself but by somebody else, typically your […]


    Now there’s a thing! Just Like consciousness, science can only detail what it is by determining what it isn’t! Nobody will ever be able to say LOVE is not a thing, although, on the tricky path called Life, we seem to be getting further and further away from these all-important conduits of Life and living energies. A further […]


How you view the world is conditioned by the principles you hold as ‘your thoughts’ about what you see. Hence the reason everybody sees different things within the same pictures. Mental health is typically the way we think about what lays before us. As a part of the undeniable equilibrium called Life, we will suffer trauma, which changes how we […]

The Control Freak

The Control Freak! What a horrendous Label to be tarnished with! If the narcissistic label looked at the cause of this effect, would it still mean the same? Look into Kruyology to see how things can be done better with Love.