How to Give Your Life New Meaning

‘Understanding‘ is who you are and precisely what you do to cement Great Mental Health.     There have been problems in Life that made no sense to anybody, and this applies to everyone, no matter the level of education. No one escapes the disaster that a lack of understanding brings. I was shocked to be able to consider Life […]

Hello Humanity!

Welcome to the world of understanding. A fresh look at exploring Life with factors currently overlooked and completely railroaded in this over-complicated world which doesn’t need to be this way! Kruyology is an attempt for us to review ourselves and others without using labels or Judgements. We look at the drivers of our existence, and everything suddenly becomes clear. It’s […]

Narcissism and Narcissist

When I started writing, I was taken on a journey of discovery based on solid evidence that kept coming to light. I loved observing and questioning. I had an unbiased perspective, and I loved thinking. Hence Kruyology! We all know that society is getting darker and darker, which is undeniable. Nothing was working, and so there was no resolve. There […]


Strangely ignored, derailed and marginalised, could Fear cause all of the world’s problems? Every system is a ‘control system’ whether you like it or not, and they all seem to have one underlying tool in their toolbox. Fear!  Please look into Kruyology to see how it has affected you; it was previously impossible to imagine such things!