The Author

The Author

    I might be wrong about certain things, but at least I tried. It’s everyone’s duty to EVOLve.

    I’ve never been religious and would like to explore this in future efforts with you. It seems to be the age of disinformation, and I want to look outside the boundaries of certified endeavours. ‘Controlled practices.’

    I’m here to break the chains of consensus, and I wrote this in God’s name simply because I don’t believe what I’m ‘told to think’ about life (or death), especially with the Earth in the greed-ridden engineered state it is in.

    I want to change this world of disinformation and programmed consensus. I wanted to explore Love and Fear in this work, but other pressing matters presented themselves during the ongoing thought processes. I have been subjected to many things that I would like to look at differently and I’ll do it with my pen if this is the only way?

    I trust the power of my ink to make people think!

    I am asking for your help, your connection, and conversation. We need each other. Nothing makes more sense.  

    What do you think?

    I promise to take my readers on an exclusive journey of adventure in every series I write. I will analyse my journeys through life from a different perspective than the norm every time.

   -Drew Kruyer